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Wessex Caravan Services 

Wessex Caravan Services started trading in 2015 by Darren Arnold and partner Marie after moving to their location of Henstridge Airfield which is Darren's family home of many years, Darren's family the Arnold's have a History in the motor trade dating back to the 1900s the Arnold's ran Filling Stations and Garages along the what was then busy A30 between Shaftesbury and Sherborne what was then the main route from London to Cornwall here's a little history on the Arnold's 

In 1908 Albert Arnold (my Great Grandfather) started selling Petrol on the A30 at the junction of Lox Lane on Sherborne Causeway. Albert continued building the business over the years, with the addition in the 1920's of a Filling Station, followed by a Garage Workshop & Shop in the early 1930's

In the 1950’s Buster (my Grandfather) Moved down the A30 to Five Bridges Following Alberts passing away in the early 60s my father (Kevin Arnold) started a Vehicle Sales &Garage Repair business in 1967 at the Garage on the Sherborne Causeway. This then progressed in 1971 to a new workshop premises at the Five Bridges site.1970's Shell Petroleum recognised Cecil & Eve (my Great Uncle & Aunt) efforts by awarding them the ShellShine Territory Winners 1974

1974 also saw Kevin (my father) open a subsidary business Fairview Vehicle Services at Gibbs Marsh, Henstridge, this he ran for 26 years.

Buster Arnolds retirement in 1988 saw the Five Bridges site sold, a year later my Great Uncle, who by then owned Arnolds at Sherborne Causeway also closed due to retirement, although they continued to live on site.

The Henstridge Airfield site was purchased  around 1986 and has been run since then until 2015 by Kevin and Roma Darren's parents the site has always been involved in the motor industry wheather it be the Car Auctions that ran there or the Transport Cafe 

Darren and Marie decided to move back to the family home in 2015 and set up Wessex Caravan Services both Darren and Marie had been working in the caravan industry for some years and decided to go it alone

The business is run day by day by Darren and Marie and only takes on employees as and when needed at busy spells with Caravan Hire in the summer months, so you wont be dealing with a sales department or a service department or customer service Darren and Marie like to deal with each customer on a personal basis and many customers have become close friends over the last couple of years  

Buster and Nancy Arnold at Arnold's filling station around 1980s 

Buster and Nancy outside Arnold's Filling Station in the 1950s