Wessex Caravan Services 

Here at Wessex Caravan Services we now offer a SELL ON YOUR BEHALF Service meaning there is a fair return agreed from the outset on your Caravan or Motorhome you will often receive a better return than a part exchange and a better return than a WE BUY YOUR CARAVAN SERVICE plus we take all the hassle of selling privately 

We display your Caravan at our Sales Premises meaning more buyers viewing than being on your drive or in storage

We save you the cost of Storage, Insurance etc

We deal with all the CRIS paperwork including full CRIS check given the buyer extra peace of mind  

We are able to offer the buyer additional extras like insurance, Motor Movers etc 

We are able to provide Collection and delivery to the buyer delivering to seasonal pitches etc 

We take care of the complete sale meaning you don't have to worry about appointments and people not turning up 

For further information please fill out the contact form below or leave us your phone number and we can arrange a call back 

Used Caravan sales, Caravan Hire, Servicing and repairs

For this service we do charge a percentage of the selling price depending on the valve of your Caravan or Motorhome although this is all made clear before any agreement takes place 

We are also able to provide onsite Servicing, Repairs and Valeting to ensure your Caravan or Motorhome gets the best presentation possible 

We are unable to offer this service to Caravans older than year 2000